composition of tile wall mount
composition of tile wall mount
tile composition wall mount
tile composition wall mount
wall mount

“dependence” tiles


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Dependence  • The concept of dependence is so integral to the very existence of the bee. As a species, bees depend on one another for their survival and fulfillment of life purpose, pollinating plants. Humans depend on the bees, as without them there would very little vegetation. These tiny pollinators allow plants to grow and enable plant biodiversity. A potential extinction of the bees would be a disaster for our planet

Stoneware tiles (13cm*13cm) glazed and fired at 1260°.
Painted with porcelain paint in different layers and fired three times in low temperature.

Compostition size 26cm*26cm

‘Melissa’ is a limited edition wall art collection dedicated to the bee (melissa in Greek) and its importance as a species, and aims to raise awareness about the endangered state of the species and its conservation.

Part of the  “Art for Species Conservation” project exclusively made in collaboration with Myrsini Alexandridi.

15% of the proceeds of each piece will be donated to an NGO (to be announced soon). Working together for the protection of the species.




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