Hyle, pronounced /ˈhaɪliː/, from the ancient Greek word «ὕλη». Primary matter. Material. What matters. Hyle is a brand of limited edition, handcrafted, functional art objects.

Hyle presents project collections of artisanal ceramics exclusively made in collaboration with artists from all around Greece. Each piece is unique and aims to tell a story about Greece’s customs, traditions, heritage and beauty. These different stories are the core of each piece and what makes them special. Ideas, aesthetics and techniques come together to produce the experience of unique, contemporary, minimalist designs that challenge perception.

Each piece acts as a catalyst to open the eyes and soul to the possibility of a new experience, one that cherishes each moment as a precious adventure of self-awareness.

Whether it is a bowl, a cup, a plate, or a platter, Hyle’s usable art objects challenge perception and provoke the senses to restore harmony within and with nature. Candles, vases, decorations & sculptures, even lighting, all obey the authenticity of the Greek forms.

Co-founders of Hyle: Stefania Maroudi & Alexandros Biskitzoglou

Hyle exclusively prioritizes collaborations with artists whose techniques do not contribute to the climate crisis or environmental degradation.

Senses of Skyros, Hyle’s first collection, is an open invitation to the untamed allure of the Aegean island, whose diversity and originality capture the traveler. It celebrates local traditions, originating in the depth of time, and the intriguing terrain that demonstrates both the harsh and the flourishing reality of the Mediterranean Sea.

Hyle is matter and art, transformed into emotions, memories, life.

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